Thursday, December 4, 2014



Mary asked the other day who our MP was. Didn't remember. Strange! In the day, I knew most of the MPs in Ontario by name and riding.
And I have more than passing acquaintance with Etobicoke politics. Three decades ago, I had the Tory nomination sewn up in Etobicoke Lakeshore. When I decided to stay in newspapers, Patrick Boyer took my place and won.
I fumed under Grit rule there, from Jean Augustine, who never did much but was a politically correct dream, to Michael Ignatief, who was parachuted into the riding while searching a map to find Etobicoke.
Before I phoned friends who have represented the riding, the mailman dropped a letter from Bernard Trottier.  Just a sheet of paper mailed without postage, because of the MPs' deal, that had less info in it than the wrapping on a can of soup.
One side asked whether we thought "hard-working Canadians deserve to keep more of their money where it belongs: in their pocket."
There was a poll, allegedly, asking whether we thought "hard-working Canadians deserve tax breaks?"
Vote yes if you thought Canadians "should be able to keep more of their hard-earned money." Vote no if you are "happy paying more in taxes."
This canned crap written at Grade 4 level by the government's caucus services office for the foot soldiers is so puerile, it's offensive.
I happen to have voted Conservative and thought they got a bum dreal for the criticism when they dropped the HST by 1%. A smart, welcome way to stimulate the economy and help those with a modest income.
I am happy to listen to a message in the next election about how the Harper Tories will continue to be tougher on spending than the Liberals, who believe in spending liberally, and the New Democrats, who are never happier than when they nickel and dime the rich, steal from the middle class, and give the fruits of their doctrinaire labours to whom they say are the poor.
There are many variations of the Biblical expression about "by their fruits you will know them." A famous alternative is "by their deeds you will recognize them."
So I guess if Bernard Trottier ever really does something, I will recognize him.
And mailing some simplistic nonsense which leans so heavily on magic political words like hard-working, tax breaks and tax cuts ensures that I will continue not to be able to pick him out from all the other anonymous backbenchers.
 They do a jig whenever the PM's office calls the tune and mail out propaganda that would rate an F as an elementary school essay.
Better have a lot of lawn signs, Bernard Tro....sorry, forget your last name, if you want to get re-elected and do whatever you are supposed to as an MP without a voice or, come to think of it, a face or vote that means anything.

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