Monday, August 31, 2009


No Wonder We Hate Politicians

I haven't met a Toronto taxpayer who isn't furious about how the civic strike turned out.
I haven't met a Toronto taxpayer who doesn't want David Miller gone as mayor.
And they want the Miller Lites, his clutch-and-grab of socialists and gliberals, gone with him into the garbage can of life.
I know the civic unionists are happy with the Miller Gang but most of them can't afford to live in the city because of the taxes.
Because of the way the unionists can put together days off and long shifts, we even have some living in other provinces and then there's the one who commutes from North Carolina.
This is my post mortem on the strike after the smell has gone away. It's also an update on my July 23 column titled Picketing By Thuggery....
The amnesty that the majority of councillors and the mayor gave the picketers for their misbehaviour and mischief-making, which descended into criminal activity when the usual hotheads forgot that they're supposed to be CIVIL servants, must be galling to all of us. So it didn't matter what they did. They're forgiven.
So behaviour that wouldn't be tolerated in a kindergarten is OK because the council majority says so.I'm not surprised. There was a strike at Exhibition Place some years ago where the unions tried to barricade the public from a crafts show. Traffic was lined up dangerously on Lake Shore Blvd. for 30 or 40 minutes. It took longer than that to actually get into the show. I know because one councillor was caught in the picketers' web.
An emergency meeting of the Exhibition Place board of governors was held. I chaired the meeting as vice-chair of the board (the chair, a councillor, was off touring Brazil) and did my damndest to get the police to enforce the laws regarding passage and safety etc.
The board that is mainly councillors and city appointees gave me no support. Neither did the staff. So the strike continued, The show organizers said it was unfortunate that people were harassed getting into the show but the good side was that there was less theft and a cleaner building because non-union personnel were doing the chores.
Yes, you read that right. Less theft and a cleaner building.
So let's not forget as the strike is no longer as ripe as the smell that hung over our parks that what complained about on July 23 has come true....again.
The civic unions robbed us again. And spit in our faces as they picked our pockets. And unless the politicians get tougher and order the police not to be so accommodating, the thefts will continue because they will be allowed to break the law so shamelessly when they picket.
Now we must make them pay and throw them into outer darkness where kid reporter no longer hang on every word.
I was at a small function recently where people met Bill Clinton, the former president, and were photographed with him. Miller stayed at the door, not mingling. And only a few toadies went over. After the next election, he should be out the door completely.
This is the mayor who told the CNE he would open one of the largest annual fairs in the world and then went to Connecticut instead. He only showed for Clinton because maybe he would get mentioned, and Clinton did refer to him by position but not by namer. After all, ex-presidents are careful about being associated with losers and Miller certainly has become one of the biggest losers among major Canadian politicians